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About a month ago, a male that I knew about 3 years ago showed up at the church I attend. Back then, he asked me out to eat (one time only) and then a few of my closer friends which included someone from the police department warned me that he had been in trouble for child molestation. I am a single mother with 2 teenage daughters so I broke all ties with him immediately. At that time, I was not aware that he considered me his girlfriend just because I went that ONE time to eat. There have been a few times at church now that he seems to wait around for me and then leaves immediately after I do. I feel he is following me inside the church. Just last week, we had a potluck and he was one of the first in line, but kept letting others go ahead of him until I went to get in line, then he gets in line in front of me. He never says anything, just waits. When I went to eat with him 3 years ago, he brought my girls candy not even knowing them, then someone just 2 days ago reminded me that he showed up at my apartment doorstep when I wasn't home when my daughters were, 3 years ago. Back then he found out these rumors were being said about him and showed up where I was one day, chewing me out in front of my friends. I set him straight telling him I wasn't the one that started them and told him he needed to go to the person that did. He never asked who, but said "alright I will" as if he already knew. I can't go to another church since I am the only pianist at our church and have been going there 1-1/2 years. The second Sunday, he brought a children's book to be read to them. I just have a bad feeling about this and so do my daughters. His wife (he just married about 2 years ago) just left him before he showed up at our church and I can't help but wonder why. When he is at church he goes to sleep during the services and starts snoring. The pastor who is a temporaty fill-in had to shorten the services one morning because it was so distracting.  This guy was going to join the church this Sunday, but I have told our head deacon about the situation(we are without a pastor at the current time). The deacon is putting him off on joining until an investigation can be made for proof of his crime.  He is not originally from this area, so I am not sure what court house I could check at.  That is why we need to do a background check.  Our church has already gone through problems with a pastor several years ago that was downloading pornographic materials on the church computer which eventually led to a church split.  For that reason, we really need to check this guy out before something else happens.  We need to do this online since to hire an investigator means that it would have to be taken before the board to approve the expenditure, which means more people would know and right now this needs to be kept a private thing.  So, I'm wondering if all the online background checks are legitimate.  What would the most thorough one be that would not be very expensive, preferable free if possible.

It really would be best to hire a P.I. firm like ours...  The online systems that are available to the general public, are not that accurate or comprehensive.  We have the ability to do much more in-depth efforts.  Visit our website and send us an email with what you know about him (name, age, how long he has been in that local area, any other location he has lived, etc.) so we can give you a price quote.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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