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Sorry this question is bit odd, but I need the info a sci-fi story I’m writing.

Several of my characters, named Zach and Olivia, working for a clandestine part of the US government, have brought two people to an underground base. The two people, alive, well, but very frightened, are completely surrounded by an unknown substance that is intelligent yet impenetrable and non-removable. Prior to bringing the two people to this underground base, Zach and Olivia spoke with emergency personnel and doctors that hail from local towns, the local health department, and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in regards to the two people. I have Zach and Olivia introduce themselves as members of ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, since possible terrorist activity is suspected, in regards to the two people) to the emergency personnel/doctors, although if you feel FBI or CIA would be more appropriate, please let me know.

But anyhow, what I would like to know is how information will be delivered to those in command. The underground base is a military base, specializing in “odd” situations that could be of a national threat…or other, i.e. Area 51-like stuff. Zach and Olivia need to tell the military person in charge what has been learned, from gathering information from the emergency personnel/doctors. Would emergency personnel/doctors type up on laptops or other PCs a quick report, printed out, to give to Zach and Olivia? The time span here is only a matter of about three hours from when the two people become “encased” by the unknown substance until Zach and Olivia arrive. And then, once meeting with the military person in charge, would Zach and Olivia present the typed-up, printed-out information, or would they both speak verbally of their observations as well as handing in reports, either reports from the emergency personnel/doctors or from they themselves?

For my scene, I was going to have Zach and Olivia sit down at a table with military person in charge, as well as some military scientists and doctors, and quickly discuss what’s been learned so far (the military doctors and scientists want to proceed promptly after this to attempt to remove the unknown substance from the two people, but they need a quick overview first).

Again I apologize for the odd question, but I’m hoping you can help. Thank you very much for any help you can offer.  

They could be present the information in both written and verbal format.  Most likely, there would be reports being compiled from the local medical sources, local government, etc., because nothing in the military moves without being in writing....

Good luck!

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