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QUESTION: hi - can you please tell me when it is more likely that an investigation will be started for an insurace company to avoid paying a settlement.

ANSWER: It could depend on a number of factors:

The amount of the claim
Your past history of claims
Type injury
Circumstances of the claim


An investigation is not always started to avoid paying a claim.  It could be conducted in your favour to prove a loss or an injury.

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QUESTION: It would be being conducted in order to avoid paying me. A bit of history - I was on LTD and was cut off after 2 years - however on the same evidence I was approved for CPP Disability. I then contacted a lawyer and am filing suit for a payout of my benefit (balance of my monthly amount - 10 years) and have been advised by them that I will most likely be investigated. So I was just wondering how long they will follow me for and if I should be concerned.

In response to your factors above:

- the law office has not advised what the amount will be
- I've never had a claim before
- I have many medical issues - mostly my back

and the circumstances are in the first paragraph above.

Thanks again

You only need to be concerned if you are faking your injury.   If your not then you have nothing to worry about.  Just be yourself,, so what if your being followed.  But PI's do have the right to follow you it's in your policy that they have the right to investigate all claims.  

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