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Hello,  My wife filed for divorce and has aggressively moved to take control of our business, the  home and bank accounts. After locking me out and cleaning out all the assets she has proposed a very unfair settlement where basically she gets everything and I get all of the debt. I am not at any fault although since the divorce all kinds of disparagement of me has occurred. My wife had an email account for our business which she would never check.  Sometimes customers would send complaints etc. through our website to her email and she would never respond, so I had her email automatically forward to me. After she locked me out her email still forwards to me and she is unaware of it. I am able to see all of her emails between her and her family members, her lawyer and of particular importance her brother who is a judge. The brother has been an instigator and besides engaging in a lot of profanity and insults he has assured his sister that his personal friendship with the judge and associate judge in our divorce will insure that she gets her way in court. He has discussed with her in emails how he has transferred a home out of my wife's dad's name (has alzheimer's %26 lives with us) and how the plan is to let the house be foreclosed on and business closed by not paying an IRS agreement so that he can buy it back for her at a bargain price and avoid compensating me for it in the divorce. My divorce lawyer is aware of the emails but says I should save them and file an ethics complaint later but not to disclose them now because it will not help and I have obtained them illegally. what should I do?

I don't really know if you obtained them illegally because of the business association together.  Anyway, often in divorce courts, they will allow information that is obtained under less than normal means (such as recorded telephone calls without the other party's knowledge) so it may be okay to bring these communications up later.  Follow your attorney's advice is our best opinion.

Good luck!

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