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My 27 year old son only recently allowed himself to remember a sexual molestation that occurred when he was 6 years old. We know who the young man is and even where he lives locally. Although my son is very angry about what happened to him he is even more concerned about how many other children this guy did this to and worse yet, is still doing it today.) We have been to the police, but they are of no help in a situation like this. Our question is how do we find a reputable private investigator who could investigate the habits of this young man, including his Internet usage?  Is there a referral system out there where investigators register according to specialty?


Our firm has had good success in accomplishing this type of background/lifestyle check.  Where he lives will not be a problem as we cover basically all of the U.S.

Visit our website and send us a direct email with more information such as where he lives and any other information you feel will be useful.  I will personally provide you a service estimate and a summary of what we will do for you.  It can include a direct surveillance of his activities, internet research/monitoring, a "trash detail" where we go through his garbage, etc.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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