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I don't know if you really cover this kind of question, but I figured it was worth a try. Is it illegal for a public facility to display private faxes for anyone to see? I paid for a private fax to be faxed to a harbor master office, it was clearly printed on the fax that it was to be given to a fishing vessel and it's captain as soon as possible. The fax was posted up in the Harbor Lounge on the wall for all the local drunks to have access to it. A friend called and informed me of it, and they removed the private fax from the wall themselves. Which also shows that anyone could have just taken it at any time. I then faxed the harbor master telling them how disgusted I was with the way they had gone about handling the situation, I asked them what they would have done if the fax had contained person address's, credit card information, or financial information for the vessel and a crime was committed as a result of them displaying the information for the entire town to read. So my question is, is what they did legal?


Thank you for your question.  I can't say that what happened is illegal but it's certainly improper and unprofessional at best.  I would talk to a civil attorney as this has more to do with privacy issues not criminal infractions.  Good luck with this and please feel free to ask any follow up questions as necessary!

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