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1.) Is law enforcement becoming more military oriented?
2.) Is becoming more military oriented good or bad for modern society, as far as equipment, tactics, and policies?


Thank you for selecting me.  To answer you questions:

1. Yes it is.

2. It is good for the law enforcement agencies but potentially very bad for the public.  The militarization of state and municipal police departments across the nation started in earnest in the mid 1990's.  Police departments justified their change to more aggressive tactics and equipment as simply "keeping up" with more sophisticated criminal elements.  

The problem for the the public lies in the potential emotional distancing between law enforcement and citizens, where law enforcement might view non law enforcement in the light of "us vs. them" instead of working to live with and understand the community they serve.  There is a huge difference between "law enforcement" and enforcing martial law.  I think that the traditional role of policing must be preserved.

Research the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which prohibits federal uniformed services from undertaking traditional law enforcement roles within the United States.  

I hope this answer helps you.  Best of luck.   

Jeffrey-Peter Hauck
Pennsylvania Licensed Private Detective

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