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hi..will try to compress this for you. i have hired and paid almost 2 grand to a private investigator in texas. this is to find and arrest a criminal who victimized my family and i. this is a white collar criminal. we send him a pic of her and all the info to include police reports we have on her. as of this monday it will be week 3 that he is trying to find and arrest her. we know she is in the area because she has had her medical bills sent to my house. is 3 weeks normally long enough to find someone? the investigator called the other day and said they are  driving a white car and her friend in the car is a person of interest in a crime of some sort. am i being unreasonable after paying all this money to think they should have caught her by now or is this the norm in a case like this? if you think we have had our money taken with no results, who can i report this investigator to; what should i do about this now? thanks so much!

It certainly could take longer than 3 weeks to accomplish what you have asked.  I wouldn't worry about it for a few more weeks or so but just keep on top of them.  Make sure they are providing you with updates and are making some progress as time goes on.  If you eventually get nothing for your money and they refuse to issue some or all of it back, here is where you can start the complaint process:

Good luck!

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