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Our neighbors have recently installed what looks like some antennas on their roof. the chimney has a slim box
with an antenna on top of it with a wire running down in to the house. My mother in law is extremely paranoid
that they have installed listening devices. It looks as if they have cameras pointed directly towards our home. If
they prove to be listening devices, what can i do? i worry more about the safety of my toddlers than anything. I
know invasion of privacy is illegal. We live in texas by the way, but i do not know the first step of what to do.
There are always people driving by our house daily, 3 or 4 different vehicles, a couple times every hour. My
mother in-law has more enemies than friends, so i dont know what to do, she brushes it off like it is no big
deal, but to me and the safety of my kids is a huge deal, and i want it to stop. what should i do? who should i
contact? we cant even have a conversation in our own home without being spyed on? its plain ridiculous.


Let me begin by apologizing for not responding sooner.  I was gone with work and forgot to set my account status to "Away."  Thank you for your question.

I'm not an expert on privacy laws in the state of Texas but I believe that anything on your own house is fine.  The usual deciding factor is whether or not there is an expectation of privacy.  Usually speaking, open spaces and public places do not have an expectation of privacy in that sense.  I completely understand your concern especially with regard to your children.  I would consult with your local law enforcement agency first.  If they don't give you the answers you're looking for, check your state bar association for an attorney that specializes in privacy concerns.

I hope this answers your question.  Please feel free to inquire if you have any further questions.

Wishing you good health and happiness,
Sean Carroll  

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