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What asset search PI would you recommend? I recently hired one and turned up very little when in fact I know there is hundred of thousands of dollars.Just don't know where.

How old is the debt?

I am one of the most experienced asset searchers in the U.S.
Many PI's who don't know how to do this work, hire me.

Call me at 800-516-2448 and I'll be happy to chat with you about your
problem and see if there isn't some way we can be of assistance



Private Investigations and Personal Security

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Nichols (Nic) J. Smith


I can answer almost any question with regards to the individual state laws concerning private investigators; best practices and procedures used in private investigations;how to determine if the agency or investigator you are contemplating using is sufficiently qualified to do the work and if an investigation was conducted in accordance with the standards of practice and care used in the professional investigative industry. I can also direct you with regards to doing your own research in certain situations, such as finding someone who owes you money. I can steer you through the database "minefield" with regards to which databases contain useful information and which don't. I can also advise regarding the kind of information that you can legally obtain and what's not legal.


Awards and Honors
Life Fellow- American College of Forensic Examiners

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Morgan Lewis and Brockius (Int'l Law firm) Sedgwick, Detert (Int'l Law Firm) Bingham McCutheon (Int'l Law Firm

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