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My father was married to my mother for 40 years before she died in 2004. My dad remarried in 2007 and then he dies in 2008, never updating his will to include his second wife.   She is no suing my sisters and myself for an elective share of his estate.  Since she has not been truthful in the past regarding her assets, my sisters and myself are trying to double check that she has not tried to hide any bank accounts and more importantly, life insurance and pension accounts.  We have her social security number but we are not sure if it is possible to find what we need.  Thank you for any help

ANSWER: Is this in Canada or the United States ??

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QUESTION: We live in the US

It is very hard to trace accounts in the U.S. The lead to obtain "bank account" information will be in her personal credit file and you can not lawfully conduct a credit search on her unless you have the judgment.  Even then you won't be able to get a balance or any type of transfer info.  It will be almost impossible to trace life insurance and pension accounts. Don't get tricked in by a PI firm who will take a large deposit from you and get you nothing.

In my view spend your money on legals and get your lawyer to obtain an order for her bank account information but more importantly her tax returns.  Even if she doesn't file her returns if she is receiving any kind of interest bearing income the IRS will have a record of it.  

This is the reality of the situation your in.

Kevin Bousquet, CFE

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