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Hi Andrew, I have a question for you.
I'm a part time artist. I do oil paintings. I putted my oil paintings in one of
the Houston gallery. I sold two paintings at Nov.08, one painting at Jan.09,
and last one at March. Almost 8 months, I didn't receive any money from the
gallery. Gallery contract states that after 60 days, artist should get pay. I
called the owner, talked to the owner face to face. Nothing happened. Except
once the owner gave me a bad check, which it bounced back too. Every-time
I called or talked with the owner, before I stopped the contract, the owner
still said they will pay me back "next week". Almost a month now, I still didn't
receive anything. What should I do? Even it's only about $2000.

Please Help!!!

Hi Mimi,

My apologies for not getting back right away; I was on a much-needed vacation.

In your situation, I would immediately take a copy of the contract, as well as nay other documents you may feel are pertinent to your case, and file a civil suit against the gallery for back-pay of your paintings. You can sue for the $2,000, as well as any other compensation you feel you are oweed.  You can also note in your case that the gallery presented you a check, only to find out it was a bad check that bounced upon redemption.  If you play your cards right, you may be able to get $4,000 easily in damages and back-pay.


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