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I am a former army ranger and am currently worlking for blackwater private security.. my contract is up in a matter of months and im interested in going into the private investigator and bail jumper field. I live in kansas and plan to do all of this in Kansas, basically my question is, what do i need to do to become a bounty hunter.. of coarse i understand the tactical side of things as well as the intelligence side of things im simply asking what kind of license do i need? how do i get the "contract" to go after a bail jumper? do i simply go to a bond office and say, "hey need anyone caught and brought to jail?" also what kind of license do i need to become a P.I in kansas? i have all the cool tools as well as the experience to track and trace people in all aspects i just dont know how to find clients or obtain a license to do so. please help. thank you.

Well, I dont live in Kansas, So I would start with National Institute of Bail Enforcement. They have seminars you should look into. chech out

P.I. license - you should check out Kansas State web site. Look under private investigator.That should help you out alot.

Hope this helped

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