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I am interested in starting a non-lethal self defense product company. My main product will be pepper spray. I'm familiar with the statue which states that it is legal to carry one canister of not more than 3/4 oz of spray for those 18 years and older. I am not able to find anything allowing or disallowing the sale of such items. Can you help?

By the way, I have contacted the NJ State Police, NJ Commerce and Economic Growth Commision and the NJ State Law Library. So far I have been given lots of, "probably and most likely" but not a hard and fast answer.

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 Well, you hit all the people I would have told you to talk to.  The answers you got are about typical, because the law, while seemingly clear, leaves some loopholes in there for 'wiggle room' most of the time, esp. when it comes to buying and selling legal products.  Since there is no law specifically NOT allowing you to sell such items (check with your local township to make sure of that, however), then selling them would be perfectly legal, IMO.  Again, barring any local ordinance or law stating you CANNOT sell such things, you should be ok.  

 That having been said, could you be held liable, civilly, for selling pepper spray to someone who then used it to rob a little old lady or commit some other crime with it?  THAT is where I would go into a 'gray' area.  The answer I'd give to that would be "Possibly".  Make sure that you have business liability insurance, and that it holds you harmless for selling items in 'good faith', to people who are representing themselves as law abiding citizens.

 Hopefully, that helps.  Remember, I'm not a lawyer!  

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