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A long while back, I watched a TV series called "Banacek" in which this private investigator usually finds some object or person who/which has been insured for millions with an insurance company, and Banacek invariably gets 10 percent of the money the object etc. was originally insured for, as a reward for recovering it. I was wondering if this was based on fact? Or do PIs get much smaller sums in such cases? If so, how much is usual?

But this is outside of my expertise.  

Monies paid by insurance companies for the return of stolen or missing insured items are paid on a case by case basis.

I have been paid as much as 20% for the return of stolen property.

And many insurance companies will actually not pay for the return. They figure its cheaper just to factor in the losses to their actuarial tables and to make up for the losses by just charging high premiums.

I enjoyed the program Banachek, George Peppard was a good actor

Private Investigations and Personal Security

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