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I have shoplifted in BC canada.It is my second offence.  I was recorded on the surveillance canaries.  I was stopped by loss prevention officer and questioned by the sears staff.  A police officer was called, but no fingerprints were taken.  They said i would be mailed something in the mail.  The items were valued over $500.  I didn't want to steal anything, i don't remember what happened all of a sudden. I told the staff, I just forgot to pay for them.  They said i was lying.  I had a Blackout in the office.  After the incident i went to doctors office.  I had low blood pressure and dizziness.  The doctor said it was all due to my low blood pressure.  I need some advice as to what to do.  Can my doctors report help me in court. What can sears charge me for and how much.  I don't want my name on the newspaper.  I have 4 kids aging 8-14.My husband is really mad at me.  We have arguments every night about it.  I cant sleep thinking about it what will happen.  any advice will be appreciated.  

These questions are in no way investigative they are very legal. Investigatively what is it you expect a PI agency to do for you ??

You need to hire a lawyer without delay and see if these medical issues will aid in your defence. I doubt it.  

I am not clear if you were in fact charged, it seems clear you were arrested. You could be waiting for a Promise to Appear in the mail. It will just have your court date and what you were charged with. I suspect theft under.  Once again find a lawyer and start working on your legal aid certificate now if you can't afford one.

If your fingerprints wern't taken and you have in fact been charged it's because you already have a record aka your prints and photos are already on file.  You may get a notice in the mail that you have to attened for photos and pics.

As I boy I did a summer of floor walking and the director of security for Sears Canada back in the early 80s continues to be one of my best friends to this very day.  As far as the arrest is concerned as long as they saw you walk out with the merchandise (no breaks inbetween) and your right to counsel was read the arrest was lawful.

While I am not a lawyer I don't believe any of the issues you have mentioned will aid in a defence to theft under.

Kind Regards

Kevin D. Bousquet

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