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HI, my name is Maria. I need to know if you can tell me if it is possible to get all the information of a person just by searching them by their e-mail address. I went out with a guy a few weeks back and he told me that he found out all the websites, Internet search places, and different profiles I had online. That was creepy to me, so I want to know if people can actually find out your personal information that easy. I'm thinking of changing all my information like my e-mail address, and phone numbers, and even move from my home. It's scary to know that people can find you that easy. That guy said that employees do that as a background check on new people. Is that true?


Yes.  There is a tremendous amount of information about most people online.  It can usually be explored with their email address or profiles on social network sites like MySpace and Facebook.  Basically, once you have the person's "real" information such as: name, home location, email address, phone number, etc., it is pretty easy to develop substantial information through online background check resources and private detective firms like ours.  If you don't want people to explore your background, my suggestion is to stop posting/using any of those social websites, change your email address and even phone number if that gets to be a problem, etc.

Hope this helps.

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