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Kindly before I go to my question, let me tell my story.
I have appointed a lawyer for my case against an employer. during their meeting the employer had brought with him two e-mail released from my system at work, first one say ( I am going to have a meeting with two employer ) second one ( please let me come to office to finalize my next alternatives ), and they had tightened this with a verbal agreement with them. Its very strange to hear that, there are very strict rules and regulations by ministry of labor, but were not followed in this case because he is using his friends and relatives in the government offices and the person handling my case is from the same town as the employer. I have not submitted my resign memo nor received a dismiss memo from the employer. What they said there was a verbal agreement. I have had not written those e-mail nor a verbal agreement was given. Any way this is not accepted my ministry of labor.

My question is
Do we consider an e-mail a legal document in this kind of situation.

I don't know your specific country's labor regulations, because it appears you are not from the U.S. but generally speaking, an email can be often considered a legal document for just about any purpose. Many years ago our legislatures confirmed that documents transmitted back and forth by facsimile (fax) could be considered legal documents.  This was important regarding signatures, contracts, etc.  The same general rule is now applying to email.  They would probably have a strong case to use the email for some legal reason against you if they choose.

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