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Hi, I am going for a background check for a department of defense company and I have a misdemeanor posession charge of marijuana that I got when I was 18 and I am now 21. I did the community service and paid the fines and finished my one year probation period successfully. Do you think that is going to stop me from being hired for a security guard position?

I don't know for sure if your record will keep you from being hired.  If you need a government security clearance for your potential job, it might depend on which government agency is doing the investigation.  If the agency does drug work, you might be out of luck, but many other government agencies have clearance processes that might not mind your record.  If you don't need a government security clearance, but just a general background check by the company, each company can set its own policy for what makes someone pass or fail.

The most important thing is not to hide what happened.  If it looks like you are lying or trying not to have your record come out, that will surely make you lose that position.  The best thing to do is to be completely honest about your past, and what you have done to prove that you are now a responsible adult, and hope for the best.  Good luck in your job search.  - Lyn

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