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My husband is paranoid. He thinks someone is listening to home, his phone, pickup, garage etc. I got him a bug detector. Although, I think I have amd matters worse, it goes off around anything electrical(lamp, tv, ac, modem). Is it the electric current making the alarm sound or is the house really bugged (and he's not nuts)?

There is an extremely remote chance that someone is bugging your husband.  The only feasible way it would happen for extremely long periods and so complete (monitoring everything) is by some form of govt. ageny.  If this were true, most retail detectors would probably not be very useful.  One of the best ways to find bugs is through a very complete physical search, looking for anything out of place.  Do one of your entire home, cars, etc. And if you are still concerned consider finding another type of detector that might not have false positive indications around everything.

Good luck.  

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