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Is it possible for me to get a copy of the hotel survelliance video from a hotel that my husband stayed at two months ago?  I have a feeling he was with another woman.

Doris:  We answered this for you the other day but haven't heard back from you.  Visit our website and send an email regarding when, where, and how long ago he was there, along with your belief he may have been unfaithful.  We stand ready to help explore this for you and our prices are extremely reasonable.  Of course everything is most confidential.


Probably not.  Most hotels are bound by pretty extreme privacy rules that are based on preventing potential civil law suits.  Even law enforcement agencies would typically need a court order to review tapes.  However, we have had success with this type of investigation if it hasn't been too long ago that he stayed there.  If you are interested visit our website and send me an email with of the basic details (when, where, etc.) and why you think he may have been with someone.  This will give us a better idea about what we can pursue and give you a price for our effort:

Look forward to hearing from you.


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