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Hello, I recently have detected that I was under surveillance and I had to make a trip to the DMV for my registration, and the team that was surveilling me was there before me. No one new I was going to the DMV, however, my tags were near expired within a few days, which was in the middle of the month. I suspect the team consisted of at least 6 people, strategically placed at the entrances and one watching their yukon and another on the otherside of the yukon. Prior to this day, I felt like I was being followed and I just passed it off as being "paranoid", but then I saw the yukon at the DMv, which is a yukon I saw at a cheveron, then at a pizza parlor, and again at teh DMV, but the main kicker was that there was a KNOWN PI that worked for a local company sitting at the corner at the enterance with a baseball cap and all except a ticket in his hand for service as if he was waiting. My question is: How did they know I was going to the DMV on that specific day? Again, my tags were due in the middle of the month and I went to the DMV in the middle of the month, so how did they get setup so fast, how did they know? possible tracking device? Is there a way to check when a license is up for renewel on a specific date? etc. By the way, I from California

I guess it would be fairly easy for someone to call up the DMV and see when the tag would expire.  Since the sticker only shows the month, some people might not have ready access to their paperwork (at work, etc.) and could then know when to get it renewed.  Yes, there are vehicle tracking devices that can easily be used.  There are battery-powered ones that are secured with a magnet to the bottom frame and can transmit real time GPS data.  You might want to take your vehicle to a local mechanic and have them put it on a lift to look for anything unusual.  Hope this helps.

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