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can you tell me what is involved in finding one person who is known to have lived in Montreal Canada and last word Paris France 2007? if I hired a private investigator what should I ask for or look out for in terms of costs/expenses? do costs go up if the person moves often? also what if the issue is sensative enough that the person I would be looking for doesn't want any attention and contacting them would not be an option I ask for...just to know where they are and to know they are fine? in that way how do private investigators they do as they are asked or will a p.i. do something like contact the person that is being sought on induvidual initiative to see if everything is OK with that person?"  

Peter: We appreciate your interest and stand ready to help.  Our firm has maintained very good results in locating people.  We normally begin by obtaining all the relevant information on the person, such as: name, age, last known location/address, any family details, etc.  This is important not only to begin our search but provides the basis for our charges.  Basically the less that is known about someone along with the potential difficulty in trying to find them would cost more.  However, our fees are extremely reasonable and there are no hidden or unexpected charges.  We typically charge a flat fee.  Also, if it were your desire for us to confirm the person is doing fine without your making contact, that is fine.  Visit our webiste and send us a direct email with the basics of what you know about this person and any other useful information like why they may have gone to France, and we will give you a quote:

Look forward to hearing from you.

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