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can you tell me what is involved in finding one person who is known to have lived in Montreal Canada and last word Paris France 2007? if I hired a private investigator what should I ask for or look out for in terms of costs/expenses? also what if the issue is sensative enough that the person I would be looking for doesn't want any attention and contacting them would not be an option I ask for...just to know where they are and to know they are fine? in that way how do private investigators they do as they are asked or will a p.i. do something like contact the person that is being sought on induvidual initiative to see if everything is OK with that person?

The fees for PI work vary from state to state. It is hard to say how much a PI would charge for this. Most ethical private investigators will not and should not release the information about where this person is to you, unless the person wants them to. In most cases we locate someone and as long as they are an adult and left of their own free will, we will notify our client that they have been located and been advised that our client wants to contact them or be contacted. We generally charge a retainer for the first 10 hour of a locate but we are a lot less expensive than most firms. After that the client is under a contract and will decide whether to continue the investigation or not.

Private Investigations and Personal Security

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