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hi..i am considering getting a stun gun. i have a concealed weapons permit and carry a pistol, but not all situations are ones in which a gun should be used of course. after looking at you tube vids, not confusion reigns!  i am wondering kind of stun gun to get; what will bring down down a man, for instance, that might weigh between 200-300 pounds; something you can depend on. if you are not sure of that one, can you recommened any particular way to find out? thanks!!


There are essentially two kinds of electronic protection devices, stun guns and tasers.  Stun guns have two fixed prongs that must be pressed against an attacker, then current is applied as you pull the trigger.  The main disadvantages of this are (1) you have to be close enough to your attacker to use it, (2) you have to maintain contact for several seconds, and (3) it might not be effective through an attacker's heavy clothing. On the positive side, showing it arcing a spark between the prongs might be a good deterrent, even without touching anyone else.

A taser is a device that shoots two prongs attached to thin wires.  The prongs stick into the attacker, and the electric current between them disables him.  Because tasers can be used at a distance of a few yards, not just contact distance, most police departments consider the taser a better weapon than the stun gun.  Tasers have also had a lot of use by law enforcement in the last few years, most of it very good. Tasers are generally considered safe (for police and the bad guys) and effective for many situations in which a gun would not be appropriate.  

You should check you local laws carefully.  In some states, such as Massachusetts, private citizens can get a license to carry firearms, but not stun guns or tasers.  As to what kind to get, I'm sorry, but I live in one of those places where I can't have actual experience with them, so I can't say.    Stay safe,   Lyn  

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