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I know I am being watched by what I believe are PI's. I'm in Md. and have noticed 2 sets of unique license plates. One of them only have numbers, maybe 5 or 6, and the plate itself is shorter in height and maybe a bit longer in length. I have also noticed a plate with a red star on the left hand side, and i think 4 or 5 numbers. I think someone with a PA license plate was also involved in this.
1. Is it at all possible that it is actually undercover cops?
2. How likely is it for the average person to pay to run a surveillance on someone else?
3. How expensive is it to run cameras outside your home?
4. Do PI's try to watch you when you're in your home with no lights on? Do they film you with special cameras that can do so when it's dark?

Thank you.


1 - I am not sure on official license plates in Maryland. But I can tell you 100% that P.I.'s do not get any official plates. A P.I.'s license plate will look identical to a civilian license plate so the P.I. can blend into his/her surroundings. You can do a Google search on official (police and FBI) plate pictures to see if those are the plates you saw. Undercover police would not watch you unless they strongly suspect you of committing a serious crime. The police department spends thousands of taxpayer dollars a day on surveillance, they will only spend it if they believe they have something to gain.

2 - private investigators charge between $75 - $125 per hour/ per investigator. If you believe that these are private investigators and say for example they are watching you for 8 hours a day, they are charging at least $800 per day per investigator after travel and administrative expenses.

3 - You can have a professional installer install cameras outside your home for under $500, the cameras will record video onto your computer or a DVR attached to your TV.

4 - A P.I. will often start a case at 6 a.m. (when it's dark) and wait for you to exit your home to start recording. We do utilize nightvision cameras that can record when it's dark out, however we no not film you when you are inside your house.

Are you on workers compensation or were you recently injured at work? If you are, chances are the insurance company is watching you.

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