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Hello. I am interested in possibly having a career as a private investigator.

I am about to graduate with an associate degree in criminal justice. Could this degree possibly help me get my foot in the door for an entry level position as a PI? If so, what would I likely start out doing?

Also, any and all tips or advice you may have in relation to me starting a career as a private investigator would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


The short answer is yes!  What I recommend is for you to do is to create a resume that lists all of your actual skills and education.  By skills I mean computer proficiency (keyboarding); knowledge of Microsoft Power Point; photography and camera skills, etc.  After you have created your resume then you need to start sending them out to prospective employers and you need to start calling to schedule appointments.  Do not be discouraged!  You might have to mail out resumes and interview quite a few times before you find success.  Once employed you might find yourself conducting surveillance, couriering documents, performing office work and generating reports, etc.  Be flexible and willing to work.  Be aware of the fact that the employer is looking to find a good fit for his or her Investigations Office and is looking more at you than what is on your resume.  Let your eagerness to learn, work, and be a part of a team show through!  Best of luck to you.


Jeffrey Hauck, JD, CPO, CII
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