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My husband was a truck driver here in Ohio, and he was injured in a car accident while in his work truck. We are currently involved in a personal injury lawsuit now with not only his former employer's insurance company but also with the insurance company of the person who hit him. My question is this--we recently found out from neighbors (we live in a very small town# that our house has been under surveillance by a private investigator. Is this PI allowed to follow me if I am not with my husband or to take pictures of me when I am not with him? I had to sign papers for the lawsuit since I'm his legal spouse but he is the only one that is injured. I guess what I'm afraid of (and I'm not implying that I'm doing anything wrong or illegal) is that this PI might get some picture of me somewhere and use it against my husband? I just find it extremely creepy that someone might be following or taking pictures of ME. Please let me know any information that you can! Thank you!

Yes, unfortunately a private investigator can take photos and video in public. Most states have statutes that PI's must adhere to and generally an investigator cannot take photos or video from private property without having permission to be on that property. They certainly cannot be on your property. In some states you are not allowed to video around the curtiledge of a residence and most states will not allow video or photos in the residence. Some states will allow this if it is clearly visible from public view. In some cases insurance companies are just looking to make sure that they are paying for a legitimate claim. Who is the insurance company? I would not worry about them getting you on video because they cannot hold that against your husband's injury claim. Let me know if you need any more information.

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