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Bugs don't always have to be in a room. Is there any way to detect/prove that a neighbor is using a contact mic in an adjacent room?


Yes, a comprehensive technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) sweep should reveal spike mic or contact mics within the wall.  I would call a professional for assistance with regard to this matter.  Understand that if you share walls with your neighbors it can be particularly vexing as people can take regular stethoscopes and listen through shared walls.  This is sometimes true even through fire walls.  However, due to the many ways that "eavesdropping" can occur it is best to consult a true professional.  Your cellular telephone can even be hacked to allow an application which acts as a microphone that will broadcast everything said in the room where it is being kept, for example.  If you insist on doing it alone, you can purchase some reasonable equipment.  You must go through and inspect every outlet and wire to see where it leads to include telephone lines.  There is a lot of information on the Internet about the process.  If you are truly concerned about privacy I would absolutely contact a professional who deals with TSCM.  


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