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I was wondering if it was within the law for a private investigator to conceal information about a crime from the police if given details about the crime by his client?
For example, the client might tell the PI that they had encountered a murdered body and had fled the scene due to not wanting to be involved as they feared they might be viewed as the prime suspect, despite the client claiming that he hadn't killed the relevant victim.

Also, I'm curious as to what tricks PIs can use which are still within the law in order to get info? For example, pretending to be a hotel guest who has lost his keys in order to get the maid to unlock a door  -is that still within the law, despite being dishonest?

Hi Geoff-

In the case of the client, there is no such thing as "privilege" similar to when a client speaks to an attorney and there is an attorney-client privilege that protects the conversation. Similarly there is no special relationship as there is when speaking to a priest in the confessional. The PI would have an obligation, in my mind, to disclose the nature of the conversation to the police. Otherwise, the PI is setting himself up as the ajudicator of the truth, that is, he is deciding that the client is telling the truth, when in fact, the client may not be. Clients have been known to lie to PIs after all !

In the hotel scenario, the PI would be committing criminal trespass and the hotel, not the occupant of the room would be the victim. The occupant of the room, however, would have recourse through civil actions for an invasion of his legal expectation of privacy. That is the status of the law in the US.

For the most part, PIs have to observe the spirit and the letter of the law, because otherwise, their subsequent testimony or reporting would be viewed with doubt,

The only time a PI can misrepresent who he is, is in an insurance investigation when there is reasonable cause to believe that the claimant is falsifying his claim which is the crime of fraud.,

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