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QUESTION: Hi there,
I have a friend who invested about 70 thousand dollars. The guy who took the money ran away from Jordan to Libya. My friend has all the required documents but cannot reach the other guy. What is the best way to deal with this issue?

Before I answer this question can you please google the words "419 Scam".. Please take a look at this scam and tell me if it resembles the various versions of this scam.

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QUESTION: It does not resemble the 419 scam. My friend dealt with they guy for 2 years before he fled (it was NOT an online relationship) and he is pretty sure that he fled because of bankruptcy.

He will be a very hard find in Jordan Libya..  If you think he went bankrupt in Canada or the USA you could do a bankruptcy search. The trustee might know how to get a hold of him.  If fraud was committed you can apply to have the bankruptcy set aside based on fraud, but you will still need to find the man.

You can try finding a PI in Libya/Jordan I can't help you here.  The main key at this point would be to find any friends or relatives at his last known address, his dob and or SIN. Anyone you hired will need this basic information.  

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