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hi..i know you cant read minds, but in your experience, what does this look like to you? this happened over a year ago, but was curious about how you would size it up. i had been in wal mart and gotten a small bag of whatever it was. got in the car, and as usual, lowered the drivers window, and looked out, looking to be sure no people were walking what i started the car; dont want to hit wal mart now, there was this white guy coming, a tall male, and he was walking very very fast, looking right at me, with the window open. there was no time to close it, so i took the pistol out of where i had it hidden, and pointed it at him, no saying a word. i looked at his hands and saw no weapons. he said oh excuse me sir, and turned and left. any ideas on what he may have been after? btw..i am also white and have been told before that i 'look like a victim' and thank you!

Go get the book, Manwatching

That book literally saved my life. (I had a guy try to eviscerate me with a knife. The second before he attacked his skin color changed -- which I had learned about in the book -- when I saw that I jumped back. That kept me from getting gutted.)

Thing is all these little details are - individually - like a brick. By itself, a brick/detail means nothing. It is however, how the bricks/details are put together and what they form. We see that structure/body language message.

The body language of someone about to shoot you is radically different than someone who is sitting there with their thumb up their ass wondering what's going on. If the person -- and predators usually are -- is good at reading body language, they'll see what the 'bricks' form.

Private Investigations and Personal Security

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