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Lisa Cox Date of birth September 18, 1996

I do not know in which country she lives in. I do not think it is the USA, because I canít find a record of her in the USA.

Unfortunately there is no database that encompasses the entire world. There are several for the USA, one for Canada, France and England, however the foreign ones have limited data and I have never found them useful. Then, there is the language issue. If the person was a US citizen, you may try contacting the passport office to see if they will release where her passport was last used, i.e. a country of entry. Odds are they will not cooperate, but that certainly is one method.

My theory for the past 50 years as an expert in locating missing people, is that someone else knows where this person is. Your objective should be to find that person. Family is best, then friends, and co-workers.

The government could help but they won't, by providing you information regarding her tax return or any Social Security payments.

If you have proven she is out of the USA and can verify that, then your real only option is to locate her family and friends. I assume you have tried the social media such as Facebook, etc. Oh, sometimes people update their addresses for their school records, clubs and various professional memberships, doctors, medical records, military records, etc.. If applicable, check those out as best you can. Good Luck!

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