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I have a PI license in California and one in Alaska. I currently reside in Alaska but still have the California License and wanted to know how I could possibly be creative and leverage my PI license to gain business? What do you recommend? I am relatively new to the business and would appreciate any info. When I mean creative I was thinking, training, give a breakdown of how to make money with my experience, licenses, and training. I have a Master's degree in Information Security and a Criminology 4 year degree and I actually work full time in the IT field, how can I leverage that skill set to make money in California and Alaska, surely somebody could utilize that knowledge and skill.


From the background you have painted for me I think the best way for you to market your skill set is to offer services in the IT field.  I would sell your services offering forensic retrieval of data from computers and cell phones and advice and services on how business networks can protect themselves and their information/data from hacking, etc.  You are on the right track.  That is what is needed by Society today.


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