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QUESTION: What happens when you try and get information from a person? He says that you canít get it with out a valid Icelandic court order or similar order from Icelandic authorities. This is because all the data is hosted on a computer server in Iceland, and outside the Canadian, US and EU legal jurisdiction.

ANSWER: You haven't told me exactly what information you are seeking on this person.

Also the reason why you are requesting the information will be important to just about every government body around the world at all levels.

In Canada for example we have certain requirements that must be in place to comply with our privacy information PIPEDA.  If you don't meet this requirement i.e. legal, collection, law suit etc.. Just making the inquiry alone is illegal.    You are welcome to email me privately if  you wish through our website  

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QUESTION: Basically a court in Canada orders him to produce this, but he says that he will file a complained with the Icelandic authorities, if the Canadian authorities try to obtain this in violation of Icelandic law?

Well I am guessing this is some type of family court order to produce information am I correct ?

Regardless, He can complain to the authorities but if he doesn't produce what he is asked in the terms order than this would be contempt of court.    When it comes to the enforcement of court orders some countries are part of the Reciprocal Agreement other are not.  This means some countries will comply with Canadian orders others may not take it seriously and ask for addition paper work to be filed in their court.   I would need to know what court we are in criminal, civil, family.  I have to read the terms of the order.  Also the province in Canada is relevant.

I don't know what information is trying to be obtained from this country bank accounts, land registry, criminal etc ??

This question is borderline becoming a legal question not an investigative question.   So I might suggest you ask the question to some of the Canadian lawyers.  There is no way this question can be answered properly unless someone can see the order and have a full understand of the litigation.  

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