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Hello Mr. Flaksman,

I was stopped in city traffic when a woman struck the rear end of my Jeep on 12-02-2015, severely damaging my rear bumper. She was driving in her mother-in-law's car whose insurance had expired on it in October 2015. The mother-in-law has told me twice since 12-05-2015 that the daughter-in-law (the driver), has gone to Washington to try and get the money to fix my car, of which I believe is a fabrication. The estimate for my bumper replacement is $624.80.

I wish to take this woman,(the driver), and her mother-in-law, (the car owner), to small claims court. The daughter-in-law gave me her home and business address, that I later found out, was her mother-in-law's home and business address.

I must give the small claims court the mother-in-law's correct address and the daughter-in-law's correct address for civil warrants to be delivered to them, because I shall be suing both of them in small claims court.

The problem I am anticipating is emailing the mother-in-law and asking her only for her daughter-in-law's correct address. It may spook the mother-in-law that I may be proceeding with a court action and she may protectively not wish to tell me the daughter-in-law's correct address for the civil warrants to be delivered to.

In such an event, then how can I go about obtaining the daughter-in-law's correct address through public records or by other means?

Thank you for any help.

Mike E.


Thanks for being very descriptive. This project isn't something that is "do-it-yourself" because you do not have access to databases that private investigators do. If you e-mail me at with all identifying information you have such as:

- Mother's name and address
- Daughter's name
- Any phone number's you have
- License plate of vehicle
- Any other identifying information you may have

we can probably get you the needed address at no charge.

Also, just so you know, you will be trying to serve a civil subpoena, not a civil warrant. There is a big difference.

Another piece of advice: the sheriff's department will make 3-4 attempts at service. They may not be successful. If they are unsuccessful, you will have to hire a local process server (cheaper than hiring a local private investigator) to serve the civil subpoenas.

Thank You,

Oleg Flaksman
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