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Memphis, TN: A neighbor’s robbery is captured automatically on a private video from across the street. The robber gets away. The owner of the DVR, fearing retaliation from the robber, chooses not to contact the police.  He deletes the video. But the next day, the detective on the case visits the owner of the DVR.  When the owner tells the detective about the deletion, the detective tells the owner that deleting the video was tampering with evidence and that the owner has committed a felony. Is that true?

No this is not a felony and not even a crime. Private persons are under no obligation to assist the police in any investigation or to even report a crime.  This detective appears to be trying to apply unjust pressure to you in order to aid his investigation.  The DVR video can only be deemed evidence once the detective has legally recovered the item and booked it into the custody of his department evidence section.

I would advise the owner of the DVR to inform the detective that he is under no obligation to assist in his investigation and to further advise this detective that if he/she continues to threaten this owner in any manner whatsoever with arrest or detention that you will contact his police department internal affairs section and inform them of this detectives actions, which are most certainly against the police departments policy in one form or another.

Additionally inform the detective that for your own personal safety, you do not wish to become involved in this investigation as a witness, because you fear this burglar could return and commit an act of violence against you.

That should end your involvement in this matter.

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