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Mr. Morse
Wife lied regarding her involvement with a male co-worker a couple years back. Borrowed her tablet while in a hotel and noticed her facebook account was set up under an email and phone number I do not recognize. A few people there I never heard of but pictures of family and others are intact.

It's possible she created this other account to stay in touch with someone she wants to keep private. I brought it to her attention and she denied knowing the email and phone number it was set up under. The usual defensive denial.

However, for benefit of a doubt and considering that she may be telling the truth this time, I need to ask:

Is it possible that someone used her name and set up the facebook account with a ficticious email and phone number ?

If so why would they.

The email does have her last name in it but not an email I am aware of. The number when called is either busy or Verizon leaves a message.

Thanks for your help !!

In regards to your questions in chronological order:

1. Yes, it is possible to create a bogus Facebook account with a fictitious email and phone, but they would have to exist someplace for the required verification's to establish the account to take place.

2. Given the past "activity", although I do not have sufficient facts to make a comprehensive "guesstimate", my initial reaction would be that she is repeating her previous activity. Facebook is providing a method of communication and can be done in plain language or coded words, speech and photos. EX: a photo of flowers means meet me at the park or a certain location. No spoken words, just images. Coded expressions work equally well. I am suggesting that it would appear to be too coincidental. Another explanation might be that a lover or former lover has set up a bogus account more or less for you to find, to then create animosity causing the both of you to part, opening the door for himself. You indicate you "borrowed" her tablet and I would like to suggest that unless you can establish you are the owner or on the account, there may be Federal laws which could charge you with a crime, such as Unlawful Interception of Communications. You may not want to brag about your find, and look at the applicable portions of the law by doing a Google search as I suggest. State laws may also apply. I mention these things for your protection and the fact that I have no idea about either of your backgrounds. You might be lawyers for all I know.

3. I think you should research the email address and the Verizon phone number. Google both and see what it comes back with. There are services you can utilize that may provide more detailed information, many offered by Private Investigators. If there is a Verizon phone involved, then someone is paying for the bill. Most times, people having an illicit relationship use Trackphones or disposable phones purchased at a 7-11, Wal-Mart, grocery, Radio Shack, etc as payment can be totally anonymous and payment can be made in cash to renew the minutes.

I regret that to me, (over 50 years in this field, a sworn law enforcement officer, college and law school), it appears as though something is awry. Contact a reputable local PI, explain your circumstance in confidence and let them attempt to find the answers for you.

I wish you luck and hope that I am completely incorrect.

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