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I got your address via the internet and appreciate your areas of expertise.  I am a senior paramilitary officer, about quitting my government-paid job and wish to specialise in your areas.  Could you please advise me on how I can become an expert in crime avoidance surviving high-risk situations

Research, research, research and more research.

Talk to cops, defense lawyers,district attorneys, bouncers, bounty hunters, reporters, prison guards, security guards, women crisis center volunteers, pyschologists, counselors, criminals, bikers, lowlifes and anyone else who might have a modicum of real life experience about crime and violence really occur. Read anything you can get your hands on about law enforcement, criminology, psychology, abuse, dysfunctional behavior, addiction and

NEVER EVER get the majority of your information from one source (e.g. martial arts, reality based self-defenseps or women's advocacy groups). There are ALWAYS blindspots, assumptions and agendas from any group. These blind you to the bigger picture...a picture that you must present to keep people safe. Otherwise you are just setting people up to get killed.

For at least the next two years you need to be a sponge. Take every kind of training you can, become VERY familar with the use of force laws in your state. Take concealed carry classes from multiple instructors to see what each does and doesn't cover.

I will give you a serious thing to consider. Where most programs -- and I do mean most -- programs fall down. No, let's upgrade that to "take a pratt fall" is that what they are teaching  isn't self-defense or personal safety, instead, they are 1) giving people permission to fight 2) giving people the belief that they can say or do anything that they want with out repercussion, 3) selling macho fantasy about ultimate fighting system or 4) selling gadgets and gizmos that supposedly will do the work for you.

Take a look at my website for a lot more information about the things you need to look into. Also a bibliography of stuff to start reading (it's at the bottom of each page).

Private Investigations and Personal Security

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