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I got your address via the internet and appreciate your areas of expertise.  I am a senior paramilitary officer, about quitting my government-paid and wish to specialise in your areas.  Could you please advise me on how I can become an expert in missing persons, surveillance, financial recovery, background checks, divorce investigations, adoption, business inteligenc,electronic countermeasures

Well it would be extremely difficult to specialize in all of those areas but if you want to begin a basic understanding of a PI career, our Handbook might serve you well:

The best way to get into this business as detailed in our book is by working for an established firm for a couple of years and gaining the proper experience.  There is no other way to qualify for most state licenings requirements than working for someone else and you need to know what our business is all about by "on-the-job" training...

Best of luck.

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Ask a REAL Private investigator! Director of TACTICS Private Detectives and Investigations - and a Criminal Investigator. I maintain a leading group of Private Investigators and Detectives with substantial experience in: criminal defense, missing persons, surveillance, financial recovery, background checks, divorce investigations, insurance fraud, adoption, business intelligence, international matters, electronic countermeasures, drug abuse, and more. Author of The REAL Private Eye Handbook.


Resolved many very important and complicated investigations including kidnapping recovery, finding hidden assets in foreign countries, and assistance in the successful defense of wrongly accused criminal defendants. I maintain a very strong Federal Law Enforcement background with extensive training and education.

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