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Separated, ugly court battle re custody and support, believe my ex is hiding info re employment and assets.  How difficult is this info to obtain on ones own, as I cannot afford to hire a PI to do the investigating for me.  Any tips you can give on  survelliance ?

Surveillance can be either very difficult or simple, depending upon the subject's actions and the environment.  If for instance the person is in motion often (driving to several places a day for instance) it allows for a great deal more effort to keep up without violating traffic laws or getting into an accident.  If you were to try it yourself (which we don't recommend) use a vehicle the person wouldn't recognize and have someone else drive.  Also be very careful about when you use a camera so the subject doesn't have a chance to see they are being watched.  Don't violate and trespassing or traffic laws of course.

The asset check however, is something you really should consider hiring someone like us to explore.....

Visit our website and contact us directly to see what we can do for you.  We might be able to provide a discounted price to accomplish both a surveillance and asset investigation:

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