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I have a young daughter who is being pestered by her father (my ex).  It's mostly just complaining about my new husband, but it's never-ending.  My daughter is in tears every time she goes to his house.  The problem is that nobody sees what is happening to her.  What are the laws regarding recording (covertly) their conversations in his home?  I can certainly use a long range listening device, but is any of it admissable in court?  I need to be able to show the courts that my ex is being emotionally violent (he never physically abuses her).  When in the company of anyone of authority, my ex is always on his best behavior, when he is at home though, it gets ugly.

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You have no legal right to record anything inside his home as he would maintain protection of his privacy, etc.  In most jurisdictions you are able to take video recording outside his home as long as you are on public property.  However, the use of a long-range listening device that records what is being said inside the home may be illegal and you would need to check with the local District Attorney/State Laws regarding that issue.

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