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Hi Michael,
     At my mundane valet job, my fellow employees and I are always under the auspices of the hotel security cameras. I was wondering if our sometimes vulgar conversations could be under audio surveillance as well? Do different laws apply to audio and visual surveillance?
         Thanks alot

I can tell you this.  If you are at work, and not in any areas that could be considered completely private (such as the stall in a restroom), an employer can record your activities through audio and video surveillance with no problem.  In most States they are required to post signs or acknowledge this type of surveillance to every employee, but the bottom-line is that yes, they can record your movements and conversations on their property and corresponding public areas.  The laws won't vary much between audio and video monitoring because they are usually treated the same under these circumstances.  If it is common knowledge there are security cameras being used all over your hotel property, then it should be assumed they could be recording audio as well.  Often they don't because the sound tracks would usually not be very clear due to the distances and coverage areas involved.

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