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I was visiting my brothers girlfriend and we happen to go to the leasing office of the complex they live at, to find out about them getting transfered into a bigger place. Well, the girl that worked the desk was rude and when we left the office , I told my brothers girlfriend what I thought of the desk girl. A few days later, the manager orders my brother and his girlfriend into his office to tell them that the next time I "badmouth" one of his employees he'll have me trespassed. The gate to the leasing office states that the property is under video surveillance. But I did not know that he had audio surveillance on the outside of his office building. What's the laws opinion on this?

It is usually understood that if there are signs posted regarding video surveillance, the area would also have audio monitored as well.  Also, if the audio is being recorded in an open "public" area, there is no problem in most States because you have no right to privacy out in the open......

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