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Hi Mr. Healy,

I will be be starting an acupuncture practice sometime this Summer. Is there an economical way to run a background check on a patient after calling for their first appointment? Maybe it would inform me if a person has ever embezzled, stolen, misappropriated money, shoplifted, had or has bad credit, or has filed frivolous lawsuits. Would this be a wise idea, would it be feasible, and could it be done quick enough to cancel their first appointment?

Thank you for any counsel.

Mike Eidson, LAc.

I do not see how any of those things would help you evaluate a patient, but...............In order to look at the criminal stuff you would need to know where they lived ( an investigator can determine this)  and check the court jurisdictions, at the local, county and federal levels but what happens if he got arrested where he does not live............. like one town away.

Lots of people steal, shoplift, embelzzle etc.............and do not get caught.

Why would you cancel an appointment for someone who has good credit but was convicted of shop lifting?

All of what you ask is doable: but it takes time and is expensive to do it right. Not everything is computerized and there is no such thing as a "nationwide" criminal search or a $69.95 "Background" check as some internet sites proclaim.

There is no way to determine of someone filed a "frivolous" law suit. You could check courts for law suits but they are filed under civil, or equity or custody or marriage, not under frivolous.

Any good investigator could get what you are asking for but I'd charge you far more than you are charging the patient for an appointment and I'd need 3-5 days.

You have a right to check credit and the other things come from public records research but you are leaving yourself wide open for a law suit by examining someones past, or involvement in law suits to determine of you will treat them.

I suggest you ask an attorney about this but I think it would easily lead to a discrimination law suit:

Cancelling an appointment because a person had an arrest or has filed law suits in the past which you think are "frivolous".

If you were to hire me I would have you sign a waiver indemnfy me against any and all claims that a patient could make.

I would charge between $100.00- $250.00 for the above depending upon how many courts had to be checked. SOME of that is computerized, most have to be done in perosn and there are firms in every county that do this and they charge me by the search one fee from criminal and another for civil.

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