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Hi Tactics,

I will be be starting an acupuncture practice sometime this Summer. Is there an economical way to run a background check on a patient after calling for their first appointment? Maybe it would inform me if a person has ever embezzled, stolen, misappropriated money, shoplifted, had or has bad credit, or has filed frivolous lawsuits. Would this be a wise idea, would it be feasible, and could it be done quick enough to cancel their first appointment?

Thank you for any counsel.

Mike Eidson, LAc.

Since you would be dealing with local clients, the only way to run an accurate and quick enough check for your purposes would be to review records maintained at the local County courthouse (both criminal and civil filings).  However you will run into a few issues here as well.  If they call in for the first time to make appointments you might only have their name only and that could produce an inaccurate check.  They could have the same name as someone that has a criminal record or law suit and without a birth date/social, you couldn't know for sure it was the right person.  Also, even if you accomplished a local check it wouldn't encompass any problems outside of your County and they could have tremendous problems somewhere else.  

It doesn't seem to be a wise idea however, to accomplish pre-clientele checks in the first place in our opinion.  Even if someone has a record for shoplifting, has bad credit, etc., that shouldn't have a bearing on acupuncture treatment.  What risk would be involved if you treated someone with a criminal/civil record?  We really don't see any....  

You should reserve background checks on potential employees and prospective business partners as they would be the ones to place the most risk to your company and future...

Take care.

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