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I was wondering if you could tell me how a background check on someone is conducted. What is actually included in that? I know that financial records and where a person has worked in the past is included but does it tell you anything else? The reason I ask is that I applied to some jobs that I thought I would land and have been turned down. Prior to that I did apply to other jobs but  I failed on the math. Could this be what potential employers see. Would this show up automatically. Thanks for your help!!


There could be several reasons why you could be turned down by a potential employer, most often it would involve experience in that specific field or job.  However, it seems very unlikely they could ever have access to a math test result from a past potential employer as that wouldn't be shared during a normal background check.  Also, background checks don't involve companies that a person never works for, only past real employment.  

Background checks can consist of several factors including past employment history, credit worthiness, criminal history, and so forth.  It all depends upon how "deep" they are willing to explore.

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