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Hi Mr. Draper,

I will be be starting an acupuncture practice sometime this Summer. Is there an economical way to run a background check on a patient after calling for their first appointment? Maybe it would inform me if a person has ever embezzled, stolen, misappropriated money, shoplifted, had or has bad credit, or has filed frivolous lawsuits. Would this be a wise idea, would it be feasible, and could it be done quick enough to cancel their first appointment?

Thank you for any counsel.

Mike Eidson, LAc.

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Relying on a background check in this situation would be problematic (it shows that for which they have been caught), and would not be cost effective. The best strategy is not to put yourself into a position where the patient can exploit any "talents" they may have.  Have very clear policies and procedures, don't offer credit, and get good legal advice about malpractice matters.  



Private Investigations and Personal Security

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