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What is the best home alarm system that doesn't cost much.

This is the first thing I want to say ,when it comes to alarms you pay for what you get . If you want a system that will give you full range flexible protection it can become expensive. If you want a basic alarm that cover most of the bases they are not that expensive and you can get good deals from the larger companies for 24 hour monitoring. If you are thinking about a self installed home alarm for little money then you need to know a little about security ,electrical and response. Security because you need to know were to place your equipment so it is effective, electrical because the better home systems are electrically wired and if you have some knowledge in this field it would help. The last thing is response . What type of response do you want when an alarm sounds? I would like fire for fires and police for others . Audible alarms require reaction by others and depending on where you live and who hears the alarm a response might be delayed greatly also how easy is it to disable a home alarm before someone hears the alarm long enough to do something about it. I am familiar with many of the different systems and I have found value in both the 24 hour monitoring service and with my background the ability to turn a home alarm into a very good security system.

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