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Hello Sean.  My home was recently broken into. The door was kicked open and nothing was taken, but there were things knocked down and moved around.  Is there anything the police could do to help my situation? Also, I'm in Illinois so there is snow on the ground with footprints every where. Kids go through my yard all the time so i don't know if they can distinguish the burglar and the kids.
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I'm sorry to hear about your break-in.  I know how traumatizing and unsettling this can be.  It's curious that nothing was taken.  Here are some of my thoughts:

- Were they interrupted?  
- Or were they looking for something that they didn't find?  
- Did you recently move in?  
- Maybe the previous occupant had something the burglar(s) was looking for.

Getting back to your original question - The police might be able to check certain items and surfaces in your home for finger prints.  As far as the kids cutting through your yard is concerned, you might have to consider installing a fence and/or posting signs to prevent trespassers.

What is most helpful to the police in solving crimes like these is very specific information regarding the following:

- exact times you left and came back to find the break-in
- accurate contact information
- neighbors see anything out of the ordinary around this time?  strange people?  strange vehicles?  deliveries?  repairs?
- similar incidents in the area

It's important for you to know that property crimes like this are some of the most difficult to solve.  Being as cooperative as possible with your local law enforcement agency may help solve the crime but it doesn't guarantee it.

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